South African Style Boerewors Farmer’s Sausage (2 lbs., Coiled)


Boerewors (pronounced BOO-ruh-VORS) is a fresh, South African style, “farmer’s sausage” that is perfect for the grill! Unlike other sausages, each Boerewors is one continuous coil and weighs 2 lbs.

Boerewors has a very distinct flavor with aromatic spices like clove, nutmeg and coriander. It is a course-ground sausage, giving it a slightly more chunky and coarse texture, rather than the fine and smooth texture that you may be used to from other sausages.

Serving suggestions: Cook on a grill, like you would a normal brat, but cook the entire coil at one time. Once cooked, slice off bite-sized chunks and serve alongside your favorite backyard BBQ side dishes. You can also slice into longer pieces and eat on a bun, hot dog style, traditionally topped with a tomato and onion relish.

Made with 100% Berkshire Pork raised on small, family farms around Ohio, in collaboration with Fetty's Street Food.(

Where to Buy

All of our internationally inspired sausages and bacon are available through two different grocery delivery services around Ohio and some of them are available at The Hills Market Downtown. Below are the websites and/or addresses for each store.

Right now, we do not have approvals to sell them at farmers' markets, hopefully that will come soon. We are also exploring shipping options, but that is not available right now.

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