Coffee Bacon Box

Designer: North Country Charcuterie

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Made famous at our local Farmers Market, our signature Coffee Bacon is dry-rubbed with brown sugar, cayenne, and freshly ground coffee beans for a nutty undertone, then smoked over Apple Wood chips. Each box contains 5 pounds of Coffee Bacon packaged in one-pound packs.

Comfort menu ideas:

  • Bake in 375 degree oven for 10-12 minutes on a lazy weekend morning (or any night for “Breakfast for Dinner!)
  • Cook and crumble into favorite brunch casserole.
  • Wrap around asparagus or dates and bake for a savory treat.
  • Try Salami Mama’s fave: Brioche toast spread with chunky peanut butter and covered with bacon strips!


Mold is a necessary part of our traditional curing process and is very similar to mold on cheeses like Brie. It’s harmless and safe to eat. The mold is a living organism and it is most commonly white, sometimes it grows a lot (covering the entire link), while other times it grows very little (just a few specks).

It is variable and can evolve into many colors from bright white to dark green to dark blue. Most importantly, it's all normal, it’s all part of the traditional meat curing process and it’s all safe to eat. However, sometimes it doesn't look very nice!

The easiest way to get rid of the mold is to peel off the natural casing or wipe off the mold with a damp cloth. We hope that helps!

Please let us know how you have any additional questions, comments or concerns.

Prior to opening and slicing, the salami and chorizo should be stored in a cool, dry place. Once opened and sliced, (if you didn’t eat it all) the cured meat should be re-wrapped in the original butcher paper and refrigerated.

The salami and chorizo are best served at room temperature and thinly sliced. When properly sliced, one link equals about 30-40 pieces. The mold on the outside is edible, but can be peeled off or wiped off prior to serving. Enjoy!

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