Hoguera Spreadable Chorizo

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Best enjoyed on a baguette or added to a favorite Spanish recipe, our Sobrassada hits your tongue with a sultry surprise and fiery finish. Mixed with Hot Paprika, Chipotle and Cayenne, all from North Market Spices (Columbus, Ohio).

We use 100% Purebred Berkshire pork for all of our chorizo.

Storing and Serving Information
Keep refrigerated and remove casing before eating. Once opened, (if you didn’t eat it all), the Hoguera Spreadable Chorizo should be stored in a plastic bag or container and refrigerated.

For the Hoguera Spreadable Chorizo, we use synthetic casings, each link is 7.0 oz. They are best served at room temperature. The white mold on the outside is harmless and naturally occurring, it will come off when you remove the casing. Enjoy!