Northern Thai Style Sai Ua Sausage (1 lb., Ground)


Inspired by our family trip to Thailand, many years ago, with help from our friends at Fetty's Street Food. Ohio raised Berkshire Pork mixed with Pork, Light Soy Sauce, Red Curry Paste, Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime, Galangal, Lime Leaf, Turmeric and several other fun Southeast Asian spices. We like forming it around skewers and tossing on the grill! (Like in the photo.) It's great by itself, added to stir-fry or tossed in a fried rice dish. Package is 1 lb., ground and frozen (NOT LINKED).

Where to Buy

All of our internationally inspired sausages and bacon are available through two different grocery delivery services around Ohio and some of them are available at The Hills Market Downtown. Below are the websites and/or addresses for each store.

Right now, we do not have approvals to sell them at farmers' markets, hopefully that will come soon. We are also exploring shipping options, but that is not available right now.

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